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You already speak and understand french but you need to immerse yourself in francophone culture?

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From B1 level, you can practice daily (5 to 15 minutes) with authentic documents (radio, video, movies, articles, podcasts…). Each documents is followed by exercices to make sure you understand the best part of the document. If you feel, you need to review grammar or conjugation fro FREE, just click on the lesson associated to learn and practice more.

Immersion and communication will lead you to understand faster and better authentic french.

This way, you can progress daily and be aware of francophone culture.

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Coming soon: the sitcom la Frenchy coloc!!!!!!

Learn french at your own pace and in total autonomy from level A1 (beginner) to level B1 (advanced). Follow the adventures of the FRENCHY COLOC as you follow a sitcom. With videos and clear explanations you will learn how to speak and write in french with real everyday lif situations.

Discover the expression in context and then learn with grammar and conjugaison lessons. For each lesson you will find exercises to fix what you learned. This session is based on the same methodology: I dicover, I learn, I use.

La frenchy coloc it is:

  • 40 situations of communication in videos
  • 100 grammar and conjugaison lessons
  • more than 500 exercises

These lessons are made for those who want to learn by themselves or to complete classes.
If you are an independatn teacher or an language academy and you want to give access to your students, please contact me

Free ressources
Work on your pronounciation and exercise you ability to listen well.

Relax and review with francophone songs.

To go further or complete your courses, I recommand you to visit these websites:

RFI (Radio France internationale): learn french from radio, oral comprehesion for all levels.

TV5 Monde: Free french classes and exercises online for all levels.

actuFLE oral compréhension for B2 level about actuality.

French or bilingual dictionnary.