Protect the language?

Do we have to protect the languages?

UNESCO recognizes languages as intangible cultural heritage. Language is not only a way to communicate a message, it is an expression of culture and history. Learning french, we go through years of history with latin roots, and also a way to get closer to some others cultures like hispanic or italian ones.

The language we use reflects our way of thinking. The fantastic novel written by Georges Orwell “1984” is a good illustration. And we can wonder if we can know something if we do not have a word for it?
Do the language expresses our thoughts or our thoughts define the language we speak?

Why french language does not have a verb for “to like”? Is the evolution of the language has to be influenced by other languages? Do we have to “fight” these influences?

Read this interesting article about english words envading french.

intangible cultural heritage


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