Let’s have french classes Online adapted to your profile and objectives.

Learning Online is a good option to learn french from the confort of your house or your office.

  • With Skype lessons you get a completely individualized learning program that allows you to focus on the language that you need at a time that suits you best. It also gives you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses, so we can work on them together.
  • You decide what you would like to focus on – speaking, writing, preparing an exam, for expat life… – and email us a brief outline of what you hope to achieve in your lessons.
  • During the (free) trial class, we define what are your objectives, and how we can reach them. After the trial class, you receive by mail an individualized learning program based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • If you agree with our proposition, we will schedule the first lessons.
  • After each lesson you will get a comment and advices to progress. If you have time, the teacher will give you homework to study individually.
  • The teacher will provide you exercises and supporting material to guide you to your autonomy.
  • Regularly, you will go through evaluation consisting in a real task (based on your learning program), like writing an application letter, having a job interview, making a reservation, etc.
  • I consider that learning French is also to connect with francophone culture and actuality, this is why we select every week articles, radio programs, interviews in order to allow you to test your comprehension and practice with authentic documents.
french class onlione
flexibility – 24/7 – anywhere – anytime
french class on line
learn french at your pace
french class online
classes adapted to your needs and your profile

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